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Solar Panels Pleasanton, CA

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Price of solar panels in Pleasanton California

California is the number one state for solar panel installation with over 24,331 GWh being produced in 2017 and growing. We’re producing almost as much power from solar as the other ten top solar states combined. Pleasanton is a great place for solar panels on your house or business. We get around 264 days of sunshine each year on average which means plenty of sunlight to power your panels and reduce your energy bills.


But how much does solar really cost? Well, that’s not an easy question to answer because it depends on a few factors:


  1. Are you buying outright or leasing?

  2. How large is your house and how much power do you require?

  3. Which direction is your roof facing?


The combination of these three factors can influence how much money it's going to cost for your solar installation. If leasing, you can go solar with us for $0 down and nothing more than the monthly lease payments - which are always lower than your current utility bills.


The size of your home & power required influences how many panels you need which effects the quote. Likewise, the direction your roof faces will determine how much sunlight actually lands on the panels and may also affect the quote. The best thing to do for an accurate quote is simply to give us a call. We can use your address to get a satellite image of your rooftop and run it through our software to map the exact sun exposure for the entire year. From there we can give you an extremely accurate quote and it only takes a few minutes.


However, if you want ballpark figures, we can cover that here as well.


On average after the solar tax credit, purchasing a 3kw system runs around $8,000 - $10,000 depending on where you get your quote and the solar panel brand. The average system size in Pleasanton is about 6-7kw which typically costs between $16,000-$20,000 after the solar tax credit.  Again, it depends on where you get your quote, the quality of the panel you’re getting, and the warranty.

Find out how much you can save. It only takes 1 minute or less to get started!

California net metering program

One of the perks to solar is that you can sell your power back to the utility company. It’s called “net metering” which is where you essentially get credits for any power you produce above what you need.


For example, let's say in October you produce more power than you need. But in November, there are lots of cloudy days and you don’t produce enough power. The power that you sold back to the utility company in October was added as a credit on your account which comes off Novembers bill. If you’re a member of PG&E, they offer net metering programs which you can learn more about from your solar representative. If you’re on one of the other utility providers, you’ll want to contact them directly to find out if they offer net metering.

Pleasanton home with sunpower solar panels
Pleasanton home with sunpower solar panels

Tax incentives for solar in Pleasanton

California is currently offering the solar tax credit, also called the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), offers home and business owners who purchase their solar installations up to a 30% tax credit on their purchase. As an example, if you purchase a $10,000 system, you can write $3,000 off your taxes. However, this high 30% credit is only good until the end of 2019.  After 2019 it declines each year until 2022 when it's no longer available for home solar panel systems.

Free solar panels - $0 down solar program

If you’re considering solar panels but you don’t have the upfront money to fork out, then you can sign up for a solar lease and get solar panels for free. When you sign up for the solar panel lease, we put the panels on your home, cover all the costs of installation and mounting, and then you pay the monthly lease for the panels. The solar lease is always less than your current utility bill because we won’t install them unless we can do it for less than your current power bill. Additionally, we’re responsible for all maintenance and repairs which takes you off the hook if anything should happen in the future.


Here’s how our program with SunPower works:


  1. You call us for a quote.

  2. We submit your info for financing.

  3. If financing gets approved we set an install date.

  4. We install your panels (takes about 3 days).

  5. Congratulations! You have solar!


We are a master dealer of SunPower solar panels which have consistently ranked as the highest efficiency, most reliable solar panels. As a master dealer, we get the best pricing in Pleasanton and we have the team to install your panels quickly.


How long do solar panels last?

The solar panel warranties on SunPower panels are the longest in the industry with 25-year coverage on both the panels and the mounting gear. This especially applies to you if you purchase the panels because, with a lease, we handle all the maintenance for you. With that said, in most cases, our panels often last for more than 40 years.


The factors that influence the lifespan of your panels are:


  • Extreme temperatures

  • Debris or other objects that strike your panels

  • Cleanliness


Extremely hot and cold temperatures can cause your panels to wear out faster. Fortunately, Pleasanton has moderate temperatures for the majority of the year. Debris that strikes and damages your panel is obviously going to affect the panel lifespan. SunPower panels are recognized as the most durable panels so the chances of this happening are highly unlikely. Of course, if it ever did, it’s pretty simple to swap out the broken panel.


We also included cleanliness even though it doesn’t necessarily affect the life of the panel. It will reduce the power output if the panels are dirty but you can hose them off to remove dirt and dust.

How long does it take to get solar installed?  

Many homeowners are concerned that they’ll have construction crews at their house for weeks. But nothing could be further from the truth. It only requires a small team of solar professionals to install your entire system and they do it in about 3 days. They’ll inspect your roof to ensure it's able to support the panels, schedule the install date and then install your panels. It’s a quick and easy process that requires very little interruption of your current lifestyle.

Find out how much you can save. It only takes 1 minute or less to get started!

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