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Solar Panels Hayward, CA

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About SunPower by The Solar Quote

SunPower by The Solar Quote is a master dealer of SunPower panels. These panels are the highest quality, longest lasting panels on the market and have been for many years now. SunPower panels consistently test as the highest power producing solar panels and maintain their power output for longer than any other panel. This quality of our panels allows us to also offer the longest warranty in the industry with 25-year full coverage. We stand behind SunPower panels and know you’ll be extremely satisfied with yours too.


SunPower by The Solar Quote has attained master dealer status from years of superior customer service, consistent installations, and recognition as the premiere SunPower solar dealer in the central valley. With this status, we’re also able to offer better prices than anyone else. So if you’re considering solar in Hayward, CA - give us a call and we’ll get you a free quote right now.

Find out how much you can save. It only takes 1 minute or less to get started!

Experienced local solar installers

Most of the time solar panels go on your roof which is a very expensive thing to replace if someone messes up. Fortunately, you never have to worry about that with us. Our team of experienced solar installers has been with us for years, they’re each highly trained and fully insured. We take pride in delivering a pristine finished product that both you and our team is proud of.

Hayward home with sunpower solar panels
Hayward home with sunpower solar panels

Tax incentives for solar in Hayward, CA

California is currently offering the solar tax credit, also called the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), offers home and business owners who purchase their solar installations up to a 30% tax credit on their purchase. As an example, if you purchase a $10,000 system, you can write $3,000 off your taxes. However, this high 30% credit is only good until the end of 2019.  After 2019 it declines each year until 2022 when it's no longer available for home solar panel systems.

Why go solar in Hayward, CA?

If you’re tired of spending money with the utility company and like the idea of helping the environment then Hayward is a perfect place to buy solar panels. With an average of 257 sunny days each year, Hayward is the perfect climate to put solar panels on your home.


Another great reason to go solar is that PG&E keeps raising their prices each year. On average, they’ve raised their prices 6% per year. Think about that for a second. 6% is a huge number when you think in terms of compounding interest and the things most of us do each day just to save a few bucks on groceries and other products.


SunPower panels are warrantied for 25 years and your cost goes down. Meanwhile, during that same period, if you’re using PG&E your bill increases each year to astronomical amounts. See the graphic below:

comparison of the cost of solar vs pge o

As you can see, over the course of 25 years with a 9.32kW system, you’ll save almost $100,000 dollars!

What size solar system should you get?

This is a very hard question to answer because each person has unique power requirements. Since all of our homes are different sizes, with different numbers of appliances, and more or fewer people in each house using the power we can’t give a blanket estimate that covers everyone. The best thing to do is to call us. With an over the phone quote, we can map out your exact requirements for the number of panels and tell you the exact monthly cost you would pay for a zero-down lease and how much it would cost to purchase the panels outright.


With a lease, you pay nothing up front. You just pay the monthly solar lease which is always less than your current bills so you’re instantly saving money. With purchase, it costs money up-front but then you’re not paying any lease payments. Additionally, you can write off 30% of the cost on your taxes until the end of 2019.

Find out how much you can save. It only takes 1 minute or less to get started!

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