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SunPower by The Solar Quote opens a Commercial Solar Department

Solar dealer in Northern California expands to the commercial solar industry.

STOCKTON, CA 8/18/17- SunPower by The Solar Quote has started a commercial solar department. They recently achieved Master Dealer with SunPower, and are now expanding that successful business model to the commercial side of the industry. The department is being led by Project Manager, Heather Dunlop.

“We have been growing our team significantly over the last 6 months,” says SunPower by The Solar Quote CEO Robert Posten, “we recognized an opportunity in delivering commercial customers with quick accurate quotes at the best prices. We look forward to this opportunity and the challenges that this new department will bring.”

The commercial solar industry differs from the residential solar industry in many ways. The first being the space required for panels to completely offset energy costs. Commercial solar is often a long and tedious process, but SunPower has made the process simple. Even companies like WalMart who have been known to be very price conscious are recognizing the long term benefits of going with a quality product like SunPower. Many companies and government organizations have chosen SunPower as their panel of choice. Just a few of the companies that utilize SunPower panels are Johnson & Johnson, Macy’s, and Microsoft.  SunPower by The Solar Quote is bringing that same standard of excellence to Northern California.

If you are interested in solar and would like a free quote, please call us at (888)944-6765.

For more information about commercial solar please visit:


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