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SunPower by The Solar Quote is giving away a solar system to a local family or non-profit

Local solar company giving away solar panel system to someone in need

STOCKTON, CA 10/1/17- SunPower by The Solar Quote has begun their 1st Annual Extreme Solar Makeover. The Central Valley has seen incredible spikes in electricity costs, adding hundreds of dollars to resident’s monthly bills. It is becoming more and more of a burden to pay monthly electricity bills.

This holiday season, SunPower by The Solar Quote wants to give the gift of solar to residents and local nonprofits who are in need of freedom from high electric bills. “We believe that solar is meant for everyone. Giving solar to someone in need is something we have dreamed about doing for a while,” says Robert Posten, CEO of SunPower by The Solar Quote, “this is a perfect opportunity to give back to the community and the earth. Electric bills can be a huge burden and we want to help.”

You can nominate yourself, someone else, or a local non-profit to receive free electricity. From October 1, 2017 to November 1, 2017 they will be accepting video submissions. In order to be considered to win, entrants must be located in San Joaquin County and own the building that their panels will be going on. If you would like to enter, make a short video explaining why you want solar and deserve free electricity. You may submit these videos through Facebook or YouTube and emailing a link to

If you have questions or want more information please visit

About SunPower by The Solar Quote: 

SunPower by The Solar Quote is a SunPower Master-Dealer providing residential and commercial solar systems in Northern California. They are locally owned and operated with offices in Tracy and Stockton.  SunPower by The Solar Quote is dedicated to helping customers reduce their energy costs. For more information visit 

For more information contact:

Jennifer Burroughs



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