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Stockton solar company chooses local nonprofit for women to receive solar system at no cost.

STOCKTON, CA | Throughout October of this year, SunPower by The Solar Quote accepted nominations from families in need and non-profits to receive a no-cost solar energy system. After interviewing several qualified candidates, SunPower by The Solar Quote chose the Tracy, Calif. nonprofit Chest of Hope to receive this gift.

“Our annual Extreme Solar Makeover is designed to be a force for good in the community, while positively impacting the local environment as well as someone’s bank account through savings on electricity,” said Robert Posten, CEO of SunPower by The Solar Quote. “Chest of Hope is a beacon of light for women of domestic violence, and we believe they are the perfect winner this year.”

SunPower by The Solar Quote’s managerial team selected Chest of Hope, a nonprofit women’s empowerment organization that aids victims of domestic violence. Founded in 2005, they focus their efforts on fundraising, awareness, and support in the community. Chest of Hope has helped thousands of women throughout Tracy and the Central Valley in California.

Chest of Hope currently runs a shelter that has electricity bills of up to $1,000 each month. They are transitioning to a new building this year and SunPower by The Solar Quote will provide and install a solar system for their new facility at no cost. This solar system will generate free electricity for the life of the system.

Sunpower solar team with free solar panel winner

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