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All New SunPower Equinox

Record Breaking Home Solar Systems 

SunPower solar systems are the most advanced home solar systems on the market. We deliver supreme reliability, the highest energy output, and we offer custom financing options. Combined with our industry leading 25 year warranty, SunPower is the obvious best choice for solar. 

All In One Home Integration

Your SunPower home solar system is designed to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. It's the only complete home solar system that's been designed by the same company and every part works perfectly together. 

Best In Business Warranty

SunPowers industry leading warranty extends a full 15 years longer than the average home solar warranty - making it a 25 year warranty. Why? Because our panels are proven to stand the test of time. And our warranty covers the whole system (not just the panels). 

Extreme Reliability 

SunPower Panels are designed and tested to support maximum power output for longer. Every panel is designed to meet rigorous performance and reliability standards. When you use SunPower, you're getting the best every time. 


From: Solar Reviews

"This was the best decision ever! We weren't too sure if solar was right for us because we really didn't-understand a lot of how it all worked but when our sales rep Brent was able to explain in terms that we understood, the rest is history. Brent is amazing, he is very personable and very compassionate in what he does. If it wasn't for Brent, I don't think that we would have gone to solar. Thank you The Solar Quote for having an Amazing sales rep!"

From: Martha G.

Hands down the best company to work with.  Super professional and Brent Lee explains all of the details and is super flexible.

I had a great experience with this company. I was a bit concerned since my parents were a bit skeptical going solar. Fortunately all of their questions were answered by Brent Lee, he's super patience and very professional.

My parents were also happy that the crew spoke Spanish and explained every step of the inspection. I'm super happy that my parents were satisfied with their decision. 

5 stars to the Solar Quote company specially Brent Lee. I will be recommending my family and friends to this company.

From: Mark A.

I'm a solar customer in progress with "the Solar quote". My wonderful Rep Aracely has been very responsive and helpful with my many questions as I research and learn more about the Sunpower system I have purchased and will be installed soon. Aracely gave me a very competitive system price compared to another Sunpower master dealer which saved me a substantial amount of money. The engineering staff has also been very responsive to my questions in regards to equipment locations and connections. The financing is going very smooth as well. As we proceed I will make updates to my rating which I fully expect will stay perfect.