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SunPower solar panel
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Serving Northern and Southern California and the Las Vegas Nevada area

Want to know why people have chosen us? Read some customer reviews! Or let others know your experience with us!
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Bottle the Sun®


Make the most of your SunPower® solar system’s industry-leading performance by pairing it with SunVaultTM Storage. SunVaultTM Storage and Helix® Storage offer simple but powerful energy storage solutions for residential and commercial usage - helping you manage your energy use, reduce peak-time charges and maximize your use of solar.


Our Customers Are The Best

We strive to leave our solar customers more than happy to refer our business to their family, friends, and coworkers; this is the true definition of happy customers.

We go above and beyond to ensure the families we serve are happy with their solar panels and their savings. Read our reviews & see more customer photos to learn why to choose SunPower by The Solar Quote.

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Where We Serve

SunPower by The Solar Quote is one of the highest-rated SunPower® solar installers in the Northern California area. We are based in the Central Valley but serve areas beyond. We have over 1000 successful SunPower® solar installations in California.


We have created an interactive map of the installations that we have completed. Check it out to see the different areas that we install solar.

Our Promise

Whether you want your solar quote by email, phone, or in-person; our experienced consultants will provide all the information you need to make an educated solar decision. From determining if your home is a good candidate for solar to your solar installation, we are known for our customer service.


Our price, quality of work, and diligence will make you an advocate for solar. We have the lowest prices with the highest quality panels. SunPower® produces the most efficient panels on the planet. That means more power with fewer panels.


Solar Panels in Stockton California

SunPower by The Solar Quote has been powering Stockton and San Joaquin County homes for years and we've grown to become the leading local solar installer in Stockton, California. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer support and always deliver on time!

For local clients, PG&E offers net metering which means you get credits for excess power used which can go back to paying any overage electricity you might need in higher usage months. Basically, the extra energy produced by your solar panels is metered at PG&E and then rolled into future months which can cover times you use more power and / or get credited as money into your bank account at the end of the year.

Another perk of solar is the Solar Tax Credit. Currently, this gives you a 30% credit you can write off from your taxes. This means you're getting a complete home solar system for 70% of its actual price! However, the tax credit is largely decreasing each year so you need to take advantage of it now to get the full 30%.

Even if you've never thought about going solar, consider this right now: Solar is the cheapest form of energy. That's right. You're paying money to a utility company that's selling you the same power for MORE money and raising prices year-over-year.

Solar power is fixed price - meaning you pay the same dollar amount every month and never get surprised with high utility bills. It's also clean energy which is good for the environment. If you're not sure, have questions or you're ready to get a quote - give us a call or fill out our quote form: Get a Quote

Here's a few more resources for you:


Why choose a local solar installer?

We've served homes all over San Joaquin County for years and pride ourselves on being the most dependable residential solar installer. We know Stockton and central valley weather, we know the roofs we install solar panels on, and we know how to show up and get your home completely equipped with solar fast. 


Our staff are all fully licensed, insured, and highly-trained in solar panel installation. We're a customer-centric company meaning we prioritize your happiness and never over or undersell systems. With our services, you speak with a real person who finds out your exact needs. We look at the average cost of your power bills, consider future factors such as whether or not you plan on charging your electric vehicle with solar, and then give you a precise estimate as to how many solar panels it's going to take to meet your power needs. 

We never pressure you and you'll always get friendly service from our staff. If you're in the market for solar panel installation, an instant quote over the phone, and want to work with a local Stockton solar company - we're your people. 

We also have the longest and most comprehensive warranty in solar - 25-year full coverage on panels and hardware. And we're a master dealer of SunPower® panels - the #1 solar panel for efficiency and durability. 

Give us a call now for a free, instant quote over the phone. 

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